Hi, I'm Stratos Makrigiannakis

and I am currently living in Thessaloniki, Greece, working full-time as a Software Engineer.

My Projects



  • A fast paced, infinite runner mobile game where you have to stay on air using your mechanical hook. Avoid obstacles in the way and pick up power ups to help you survive!
  • Developed in a 2-man team with a colleague of mine at the university.
  • Achieved 2nd place in the national Imagine Cup Games competition by Microsoft.

Crafty Fox


  • A highly intensive mobile game, where you control a little fox running away from a granny on a scooter. Eat chickens along the way and catch food thrown by the angry granny to gain more points.
  • Hired by a local company to develop the game in collaboration with their artist/designer.

Snake 3D with AI


  • Adding multiplayer and AI enemies to the classic Snake experience, with 3D cartoonish graphics and funny sound effects.
  • Play defensive going only after the food, or aggressive by trying to block your opponents in tight spaces.
  • Graduation Thesis implementation with title "Developing a 3D video game using Artificial Inteligence techniques"

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My Experience

Nov 2016 - Present

Software Engineer

  • Working on software and apps for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS platforms.
  • Developing features using C++ on the Qt framework.
  • Implementing interactive UI components for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Handling software localization by building tools and extracting data for external translators.
  • QA on various platforms.
  • Creating 3D models in Blender.
Sep 2011 - Oct 2015

Computer Science Student

Graduated from Aristotle University

  • Various programming work on projects directed by my supervisor professor, including 2D Physics simulation educational games and "ZWave Sensors" area monitoring software.
  • Made games as academic projects, such as Monopoly in C, Poker in Java, and a 3D Snake game with AI in Unity as my graduation thesis.
  • Playing with lots of prototypes and demos in Unity on my free time, releasing 2 games on the mobile platform.


For anything work related you can email me at stratos.makrigiannakis@gmail.com.

You can also find me directly on: